Mr. Meeble @ CityScape - Dec. 3rd, 2010

Dec. 3rd show: HUGE thank you list

Hello friends,

A BIG thanks to ALL of you who made it out to our show at CityScape last night.  The reception was great and the feedback has been phenomenal.  I was told that 800 people were there to see the show?  Nice.

Mr. Meeble @ CityScape - Dec. 3rd, 2010

Those damn street lights really JACKED our visuals, but apparently people were happy to just watch us play our music.  Weird.  I’ve heard that a lot of the HD footage is nice – so perhaps a live video or two will make it on to the web for those of you who missed this event.

My promise to you:  The next time we play a show in Phoenix, it will be dark, the video projections will be intense, and oh yeah, we will have our RGB LASER system integrated in our show.  Prepare to have you brains certifiably melted.

It only takes 10 seconds...

I was amazed at how many texted us during the show.  We will keep you in the loop.  If anyone else wants to be notified via text about upcoming shows and releases – send a text to this number, and make the message be your full name.  602-429-9282

HUGE thanks to ALL of the following people for their hard work:

Rick, John, Nate, and Michael for kicking ass on stage.
Vince, H.B., Rebecca, and all of the Hip & Tall cats who ran sound/stage/and lights.
Joey and Nate, for working so hard with me to organize and promote this event.
the members of Factories, for playing an amazing opening set.
Jared, Joel, and Anthony, for playing amazing tracks all night long.
Nelson, for all of you help with setting up 7 video projectors – you are amazing.
Tiffe, for designing me that amazing jacket.  Can’t wait to work with you again.  🙂
Karina, for creating the stage backdrops and putting up with maniacal Devin.
Roger, for being there all day and keeping me sane.
Chris, for your sweet deal on the sky lights and projector.
David, for running sound.
Daniel, for helping us record, carry gear, and everything else you did.
David, and Justin for shooting video and driving me around.
Nick and Chris, for organizing the art displays and promotions.
Adam, for bring your mad painting skills.
Luke, for shooting video.
Andy, for the projector and amp.
Blain, for the original design concept.
James, for the ProTools rig.
Danny, for the cameras.
Sergey and Andrew, for being late night roadies.
CityScape and all the other sponsors.
I am sure I have forgotten someone – sorry in advance.


Enormous amounts of love flows out of me into you.  IYKWIM.

Until next time,


P.S.  I’d love to hear your feedback/comments/critiques of the show, so leave a comment!

One thought on “Dec. 3rd show: HUGE thank you list

  1. merlinrules

    Great show, despite the excessive lighting! I felt so lucky to be in town just long enough to catch Mr. Meeble! Will look forward to a dark show sometime soon.


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