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More free downloads: 4 songs performed live at the Phix

Mr. Meeble live at the Phix gallery

Many of you have requested mp3s of the “Live at the Phix” video shoot from 2009. We finally acquiesced and posted them up on our free downloads page. All you need to do is create an account here on this site.

Once you are logged in, you can download the files here:


Perhaps you haven’t even seen these videos? I know, I know, this is not exactly recent news, but, just in case, I will post those videos here as well…

10 thoughts on “More free downloads: 4 songs performed live at the Phix

  1. FleshTax

    Thanks Devin! I remember asking you on Youtube about mp3s from that show, about an year ago and you delivered!


  2. FleshTax

    Everything is good and Fine link are the same, both list Everything is Good as link.
    Just wanted to let you know.

    Dave/ Fleshtax

  3. mola55e5

    Thank you so much for the gifts! i’ve definitely been hoping to get these live versions on mp3… However, the link for fine actually ends up being a duplicate of every thing is good. Just wanted to let you know… Thought i accidentally downloaded E.T.I.G. twice but then i tried it again, and it was in fact the link.
    You guys are great! Now i have a few more songs to play the sh*t out of!

  4. ChrisRamlar

    Thanks for the freebies, do you have a good image I can use for “album cover” I’m just a perfectionist fucker


  5. GunnerAcidic

    Oh man, I’ve been waiting for so long. I can’t wait to play this version of Dragonfly on Audiosurf.. This made my day. No, My week.

  6. AloneOnASeeSaw

    I took a little time to explore your links after receiveing a message on Twitter. I have to say, I’m really inspired by the beautiful sounds and visuals of your videos. I’ve suscribed and shared one on Facebook. I’m not familiar with Tweeter at all and hardly use it, but I’m glad to have discovered you.

    I grew up on NATO bases in Europe until I was 14 yrs. Went to Glendale HS in AZ, I’m now a nurse on a pulmonary floor in St. Louis, MO. I’m an activist– the direction of foriegn policy and universal healthcare mainly, but most issues are related and intermingled. I also have an art degree which I’ve never done anything with. Lately I’ve been thinking about finding more creative ways to express activism aside from the usual protests, link sharing, and bitching. It’s become a burn out–no balance whatsoever.

    Artists such as yourself make me happy. I look forward to hearing/seeing more.

    1. devin Post author

      Thanks for the amazing comment. I welcome you to join a facebook page I started People against Sheriff Joe Arpaio. There we organize and discuss activism against hateful legislation, racism, etc. I appreciate your post and compliments. Nice to meet you! – Devin


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