Giveaway: Win one of 150 Free Autographed CDs and DVDs

Ok, so here’s the deal: we are giving away 25 “Smoke & Mirrors” DVDs and 150 autographed NTTC CDs this month. The first 150 people to follow these 4 steps will be getting a package in the mail from meeble land.

1. Sign up on this blog.
2. Sign up on our mailing list (be sure to use your real address and check your email!)
3. Request us with the “Eventful Demand” widget below.
4. Post a comment in this thread notifying us of steps 1-3.

May the best 150 people win!

UPDATE: The first 25 people to follow these steps will get BOTH the DVD and CD, the next 125 will just get an autographed CD. All 150 will receive nearly unbearable amounts of meeble love vibrations. This giveaway ends at the close of Saturday, June 13th.


206 thoughts on “Giveaway: Win one of 150 Free Autographed CDs and DVDs

  1. belairhc

    Hi Mr.Meeble…I love your music and how could I resist a chance for an autographed cd! So I’v signed for the blog,the mailing list and demanded you to come to Melbourne on eventful….at lets I hope it all worked! And hopefully you will make it all the way to Melbourne one day!

  2. diegofmn

    Hope I could win a Meeble CD. Please, help me ’cause I can’t find one over here!!! Please!!! I requested all steps you asked ’cause I really want your CDs.

  3. Ana88

    Hi,I have problem with signing up on your mailing list.I’m from Serbia and I see that Serbia is not on a list of countries.So what should I do?

  4. gothixhalo

    I did all you asked for to get the free cd. Yay! I look forward to knowing if I am one of the winners.

  5. sssman

    hey mr. meeble! I love your song And It All Came to Pass…I completed steps 1-3 and can’t wait to receive my autographed CD!

  6. heavenztrash

    Thanks for the great offer! I’m really looking forward to hearing the CD. Very generous of you guys to give away a physical CD with art as opposed to a digital download.

  7. saltedroot

    I did everything you listed… WOW thats the first time I’ve followed directions. Did you guys hypnotize me???


  8. stevecase12rb

    Hello Mr. Meeble! I demanded you come to Chicago on eventful (I think it was done correctly). Love the music! Steps 1-3 done.

  9. beezwax

    hello hello. much love from atl – so i’ve done steps 1-3…am i a winner perhaps? i certainly hope so:) i dig your sound.
    peas luv n beatz – beez

  10. riccaruncho

    Steps 1-3 Done! Hoping to get my hands on that autographed cd. πŸ˜€

    Good music man! Nuf said. πŸ˜€

    Ric from Philippines

  11. vSlashed

    Done all the steps here.^^
    One more thing, i demanded London, UK on eventful because i’m moving there in 3 months for now, i live in Dublin, Ireland.
    See ya!)

  12. ehsteve

    I didn’t need an excuse, but I’m glad this was here because I’m a new fan.
    Hope I snag one of those autographs, may it be the first of a collection.

  13. oDn

    Hey meeble crew!
    Alright, I’ll admit to not completely being enthralled by vox pitch tweaking, but hey! It’s growing on me.
    Keep up the great work guys and maybe see you live in the South East of France some day soon.


  14. vSlashed

    Hmm.. Something wrong.. can’t find the comment which I posted this morning.
    Anyway, I confirm that I have done all three steps)))

  15. teleido

    All steps accomplished. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity, but thanks especially for making great music…keep on with it!

    1. devin Post author

      maybe so, but its actually less of a number than you think. If 10 people will go through the trouble of signing up for eventful demand, then they each tell 5-10 people about the upcoming show, and with other promotions, it actually works out!

  16. krnkltrn

    I made it .. even twice ! (made a mistake the first time)
    what a great communication plan …
    now waiting to hear you guys !

  17. deletedunknown

    1, 2, 3, and now 4 complete if you still have cds to give. If not atleast know your proactive twitter following has gained you atleast one fan :).

  18. chuck milbourne

    Hey Meebles, just completed all the steps and am hoping ill be lucky enough to receive some audial pleasantries… seems im just in the nick of time….thou would make thee very happy if thou came to Perth…….

  19. motiv

    finished steps 1-3! i would LOVE to have your physical cd! i asked you to come and play here in montana.

  20. sblake

    Hey guys! I love your art so much. I am honored to be blessed with such an offer to receive it like this. Thank you so much. Infinite bliss and happiness to you all. May the divine blessings of the cosmos shed boundless love upon you. Be well, my friends.

  21. imacgyver

    Demanded you to come to Kassel, Germany, signed for your Mailing-List, signed on to your blog – yep – I’ve done it all!

  22. MercurialArts

    signed up for lots of stuff, requested you in my town, etc..
    Yay for free stuff from Bands I like!!!

  23. parklife9

    I think I’ve done step 1,2 & 3 …but some error’s happened in demand page. I can’t sure It’s done. hmm

    1. devin Post author

      @parklife9 hey, sometimes just acts up. Just wait a day, then go back and log into and try to demand us again – if it already went through, it will tell you that you already demanded us.

  24. jeffoverthere

    All steps completed.
    You guys are pretty boss.
    Please send a copy of your album, I dig the sounds.

  25. Hypocridiot

    Um yeah…guess I already logged into eventful the memory is hazy…however I’m waiting to reset my password
    steps one and 2 complete. Eventful is taking their sweet time so….I will reset the password and request that you guys go to SATX.
    Great. glad we had that talk. looking forward to the cd.

  26. diegofmn

    I’ve always made music. But, now that i’ve listened you -although i’ve always listening super genious bands like Radiohead, Smooth, Massive Attack- i have decided to make it like a pro. Got the geeks, stuff, guitars, pedals, synths but never did my dream come true. You guys inspired me. Thanx. Thanx a lot.

      1. devin Post author

        hey, we use SO many different things in the process of making music, we do have a gigantic sample library to choose from. then, tweak and experiment and tweak some more. 90% of making good music comes down to song writing and the arrangement. the gear is not so important.

  27. starfysh

    OK, I did the following:

    1. Signed up on blog.
    2. Signed up on your mailing list
    3. Requested you with the β€œEventful Demand” widget.

    Hope to get a package soon. I love mail πŸ™‚



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