Giveaway: Win one of 150 Free Autographed CDs and DVDs

Ok, so here’s the deal: we are giving away 25 “Smoke & Mirrors” DVDs and 150 autographed NTTC CDs this month. The first 150 people to follow these 4 steps will be getting a package in the mail from meeble land.

1. Sign up on this blog.
2. Sign up on our mailing list (be sure to use your real address and check your email!)
3. Request us with the “Eventful Demand” widget below.
4. Post a comment in this thread notifying us of steps 1-3.

May the best 150 people win!

UPDATE: The first 25 people to follow these steps will get BOTH the DVD and CD, the next 125 will just get an autographed CD. All 150 will receive nearly unbearable amounts of meeble love vibrations. This giveaway ends at the close of Saturday, June 13th.