Java Magazine - Mr. Meeble Nostalgic for Now review

Java Magazine – Mr. Meeble Nostalgic for Now – review by Mitchell Hillman

This stellar review of Nostalgic for Now was just published in the June edition of Java Magazine:

Sounds Around Town by Mitchell Hillman.


I have been talking to Devin Fleenor about the new Mr. Meeble EP for very nearly a year — since before the band left for a European tour late last summer. So it is with much excitement and anticipation that Nostalgic for Now finally sees release this month. Clearly at a crossroads where Nine Inch Nails meets Pink Floyd, the seven-minute “Liar” opens up the EP in apocalyptic electronic bliss. Think Kid A-era Radiohead if you could dance to it with a laser light show.

“Star Power” on the other hand, opens with an impressive charging vinyl sample before becoming the Euro pop single of the EP, with the refrain “Every single thing, I love every single thing.” The sentimental, slow burner of “Gift” follows, another epic-length exploration into spacey electronica that builds to crescendo quickly before returning to angelic, dreamy territory and the sweetest harmonies.

“Hotel Window” finishes the EP proper (before two remixes) with a curiously fascinating instrumental collage of samples, sounds and beats that tease both the ears and brain. The Soulwhirling mix of “Liar” adds orchestral flourishes and genuinely makes the song darker, starker, and a touch more disturbing. Meanwhile, the Sergey vs. Meeble mix of “Gift” completely changes the song, exploding it from the inside out, turning it into an outright dance hit, while removing the spacey-ness and just pumping the beats.

Mr. Meeble’s special blend of space rock meets electronica makes it clear why they are popular the world over. It’s also clear that they could just as easily play with fellow electronica bands as they could with bands in the emerging shoegaze scene. Don’t wait to add this one to your summer soundtrack.

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