Epic laser show

Meeble crew creating visual effects with lasers

Hey there,

Sorry for the long delay (again) in posting any Meeble news. We’ve been focusing on creating hybrid visual art using RGB lasers, video projection mapping, LED video walls and more. We’ve also been busy creating interactive control software using Max 6 by Cycling 74. You can see a simple sample of our work in the video below. Much more elaborate work will be posted in the coming months. Also, the next Meeble EP is still in the works – expect some updates later in the year, ok? Thanks for hanging in there.

5 thoughts on “Meeble crew creating visual effects with lasers

  1. Yasser

    This laser and the Pulsar do not have IR filters buasece they are not needed in red diode lasers buasece no IR is emitted. IR only is emitted from DPSS lasers like green lasers and those are the ones that need filters. This laser emits 100% red light.


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