a glimpse into the new Meeble video

Meeble EP and Star Power music video this week!

hi meeble friends,

deeeep breath… It’s been a long, rough 6 weeks – My video comrade David and I have been working non-stop shooting, producing, rendering, editing, tweaking and perfecting the new Mr. Meeble video for “Star Power”. In fact, I spent 2 days editing the video in a hospital bed with pneumonia last week .

a glimpse into the new Meeble video Star Power

Both the video and Nostalgic for Now EP will be released globally this week, and we could really use your help. Do you have a blog and would be willing to write a review for us? Let me know, and I’ll send you a free copy of the EP. Have any blogging friends? Please put them in contact with me. If not, you can seriously help us by sharing our video and songs with your friends and followers (facebook, tumblr, twitter, last.fm, etc.) Every little bit counts!

Speaking of the video… I need to thank everyone who played a role in creating it: David Guerrero (couldn’t have done it without you), Rebecca Martos, David Nichols, Joshua Taff, Chris Phillips (for the custom hair design work), Anthony Morrison, Nelson Stickle, Gretchen (you saved the day with those smoke machines!), and my love Karina (for being the inspiration for Star Power and putting up with maniacal Devin for 6 weeks.)

Thanks again for all of your support along the way, I’ll leave you with a few shots from the video shoot – expect an official release announcement on here sometime in the next few days!

Until next time,

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