Mr. Meeble at Next Fest

Meeble’s last AZ show before European tour

Hello friends,

Sorry for the lack of updates – we’ve been ├╝ber busy organizing the European tour as of late. There is so much to tell you about that – expect a slew of posts about the tour in the next 3 months. Until then, all of our Arizona fans can see us live one last time in 2011 before we leave for Europe. Oh yeah… LASERS. We are showcasing the new RGB laser system we bought for the tour at this show. ALSO, we are shooting a tour promo video that night, so help us pack the place out! Besides Mr. Meeble, you will be dazzled with other amazing acts including Crusher Sound System, DJ Radar, Super Stereo, Djentrification, Pablo Gomez, and more. This is a show not to be missed. Here’s the Facebook event page:

If you would like to help us spread the word and win free tickets, we have a contest starting next week. Keep checking that FB event page for details.

I hope to see many of you at this epic show!

2 thoughts on “Meeble’s last AZ show before European tour

  1. cecilia

    Unfortunately, some of us who had hoped to be in the area to catch this show might miss it because our vacations will be cancelled due to possible government shutdown. If the government shuts down, the National Parks shut down and, frankly, we have no other reason to visit the SW. How ironic is it that many of the states (Arizona, Utah, Colorado) that will feel major economic damage because of a shutdown are chock full of folks who are rooting for a government shutdown! The last major shutdown lasted about a month and that was during a time when there were still such creatures as a reasonable, respectable Republicans. I shudder to imagine how long we might be in for now that such creatures are extinct.


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