official Meeble [r]t-|[/r]shirts!

Meeble tour shirts now available!

Hey friends,

Many of you have asked about the t-shirt designs, so we’ve posted some mock-ups to give you an idea of some of the styles and colors that will be available.  What’s even better is that you can order yours right now by donating to our campaign.  For $25 bucks you get the EP, a sticker and one of the tour t-shirts.  Tell your friends, tell your enemies!  It’s a space-age bargain!



6 thoughts on “Meeble tour shirts now available!

  1. fritz

    Hi, that picture on one of those shirts seems very very familiar to a flickr user’s photo:
    www .
    www .

    Credit to this artist would be great and also
    did she allow you to use the photo in the first place/were you given permission to manipulate it?

    Thanks for reading,

    1. devin Post author

      That photo has nothing to do with the stencil art piece we are using for our EP and tour promotion. Why would we give them credit? I don’t even understand your reasoning – it is obviously a different female subject and a completely different concept.

  2. Ironlombax1

    Hey Devin! I have a quick question regarding the T-Shirts. You have a couple of different designs (All of which are really cool) But your Indiegogo page says that the shirts will be delivered once your tour is done. Will we be able to pick the shirt of our choice, or will the rest be randomly sent out? Anyway, good luck on the European tour! Hope You have a blast!


  3. devin Post author


    We quite a few shirts left of several of the designs – so if you donated, just let me know what your size and preference is, and we will send it out to you.

    – Devin

  4. Albert

    I have checked out that indigogo campaign page. Wow you got so many cool offers, especially the birthday song. I believe my girlfriend will love that.  Well no….the coolest is Free meeble concerts for life!


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