Mr. Meeble update – next album & European tour

Hello friends,

It’s been a while since you’ve heard anything new from us – we aim to remedy this with a new release scheduled for late spring of 2011. To promote this release we are going to be touring Europe in the summer of 2011. This tour is completely DIY, meaning that we REALLY need your help. How? Well, do you know any promoters in Europe? Have any friends that work in clubs or venues over there? Maybe you know some bands or DJs that play in Europe? If so, please contact us and pass on the info. We will be posting updates here as the details start to come together and once dates are booked. Stay tuned!

9 thoughts on “Mr. Meeble update – next album & European tour

  1. Aidref

    Hey there, someone from the band sent me a message over youtube asking the same question but he never got back to me or the person I referred him to so I thought I’d post what I sent him here.

    My father works for a local radio station here in Ireland and is in regular contact with various event organizers, PR company’s and other radio stations. He’s always eager to get new bands played on the airwaves and he’d be more than happy to have you guys on his show(I showed him some of your tracks and he really likes them) His e-mail address is

    Hope this helps you guys,he can help get some gigs organized in good venues, really hope to see you guys live here sometime 😀

  2. Nosdormu

    I know Celldweller and Blue Stahli have been touring in Russia. It’d be cool if you could do something with then in the future. But… COME TO THE EAST COAST!!

  3. johnchristopher

    Ugh! The tears are welling up in the corners of my eyes not unlike the woman on your album cover. I’m one of the 155 highly-qualified voters that hoped M.M would tour the US before trading dollars for Euros. Look at how close the vote was! How does 64 votes beat 69? You guys are from AZ (not FL) right? No hanging chads here just serious clicks!

    All right enough from me. Enjoy your “European Vacation” and come back refreshed for a 50 state major city tour! Hey, I’ll even call a few friends.


    1. devin Post author

      Sorry about that! Touring all over Europe is MUCH easier than touring all over the US. The US is an enormous place with a lot of dead space in between the cities we would want to play. :\ Keep your fingers crossed for 2012!


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