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Hello folks, 

So now we have two remix contests that have launched, and one that will be starting on April 2nd. The three contests are as follows:

1. ‘A Ton of Bricks’ remix contest @ acidplanet.comLAUNCHED       

2. ‘Raindrops’ remix contest @ PeaceLoveProductionsLAUNCHED

3. ‘Every Thing Is Good (part 2)’, ‘It All Came to Pass’, and ‘I Fell Through’ remix contest – LAUNCHED

Keep checking back here for updated information on all of these contests. They are all FREE to enter, and will have their own prizes for the most popular remixes.

***UPDATE*** Here’s the Prizes for the PeaceLoveProductions Raindrops contest:

• First Place 8gb iPod Touch

• Second Place $100 gift certificate from zZounds.com

• First & Second Place Remixes released

• First, Second, and Third Place 2 PLP downloads of choice


NOW, the third contest is something we are hosting ourselves. If your remix is selected, we will be releasing an enhanced version of Mr. Meeble’s NTTC album to include YOUR remixes! Also, the winners will get to take a magical hot air balloon ride with Mr. Meeble across the Atlantic Ocean!! Although not quite as cool as the ride, whoever submits the most popular remix will win a new iPod touch.

We graciously received a write up about the contest already on Laptop Rockers!

Here’s how it works:

1. Take a listen to the original version(s). “I Fell Through” (117 bpm) and “It All Came to Pass” (122.25 bpm @ 6/8) and “Every Thing Is Good (part 2)” (100 bpm) can all be heard over at Last.FM.                

2. You must agree to use the Mr. Meeble audio samples only for the purpose of creating a remix (i.e. you can’t use Mr. Meeble sounds in other compositions). Also you must agree to give us ownership and rights to fully use your remix. (meaning we can play/distribute/sell/promote your remix however we choose). You will always be given credit as the remixer, however.

3. If you agree to these terms, sign up for the mailing list. Check the ‘I agree to the terms of the remix agreement’ checkbox. Then, write something about the remix contest in the comment field. Once you successfully sign up with valid info, you will be given a link to download the audio files.

4. Download the audio files for ‘Every Thing Is Good (part 2)’, ‘It All Came to Pass’ and/or ‘I Fell Through’.

5. Create a remix. Any genre/style/tempo is acceptable. We lean more to experimental forms of electronic, rock and hip-hop, but if its good, its good. Get creative. See how FAR you can take it. Make something completely new! For example, why not take the vocals and chop them up, glitch them, granulize them, make pads out of them, vocode with them, change the melody of them, distort them, and generally destroy them?

6. Email us the remix (or remixes if you want to try more than one). All remixes must be submitted by May 1st, 2009.

7. Once we have all the submissions, we will create a voting page where people can vote on their favorites.

8. We will then select the winning tracks that will appear on the enhanced album.

9. Once you are done, why not check out the “Raindrops” and/or “A Ton of Bricks” remix contests?

If you have any questions, please message us or leave a comment below.


Q: Can I use my own sounds, or do I have to only use the ones supplied?                   

A: You can use any combination of your own sounds along with the original sounds provided by us. I would say that the original vocal *should* be used in some manner, at least. the more original, the better!

Q: What types of remixes are you most into?

A: Check out the “non assault message” single on Last.FM. The original track is on there along with 8 remixes. Each one of them takes the original in VERY different directions, which is what we like.

16 thoughts on “Ultra Mega Meeble Remix Contests

  1. admin Post author

    FYI, the AcidPlanet.com remix contest has started today here: http://www.acidplanet.com/contests/mrmeeble/

  2. synegiig

    Dangit! I missed the last contest!! Then of course I didnt finish ton of bricks in time to turn it in. but I had so much fun remixing it. Bitter!! oh well thats life.

  3. synegiig

    I actually sent you a long email rambling about god knows what. and a link to it is in there. but I’ll put one right here too. Im also remixing cultivation of the imagination for kicks and giggles as well. but thats not done yet. heres the link for ton of bricks:

    yaaay! I played some of the tracks on your new album for my friend. he freaking loved it! he was saying how original the music was. and I was like “I KNOW!!” LOL. so thats some good awesomerness right there.

  4. synegiig

    Mr Meeble needs an awesome T-shirt! I want a Mr Meeble T-Shirt. Another fav artist of mine is Rex The Dog. I looked for a Tshirt online. couldnt find one so I made one. YAY! I guess I’ll have to make a Mr Meeble one as well.

  5. synegiig

    I am so bitter that I missed those other remix contests, All Came to Pass is freaking awesome. Well actually. I dont think I would want to mess with that one. Kinda like Raindrops. LOL

    1. Cerebriac

      That is an awesome t-shirt, shirts need to be done soon, hardly anybody over here in NZ would of ever heard of Mr. Meeble.

  6. synegiig

    isnt it though?! I totally want to wear it!! but…. I cant…. It hasnt come yet 🙁
    That cultivation of the imagination remix I was telling you about is coming along weirdly. YAY!! Very industrially. Its interesting how songs youre working on will go in some random direction that you werent really planning. The only thing that sucks is that I dont have the original vocal sample. I sampled the original song. Doesnt really matter I guess. Not like its an awesome official remix or anything. There are to many producers out there with a phenomally larger amount of skill than me. I just do it for….. PLEASURE!!

    Do you ever watch Venture Bros Devin? If not its time you started. The humor is right up your alley.

    Glad you like the shirt.

  7. Brian Barrow

    Mr meeble!! i entered this way back in july during the contest, but i actuall had some more time so i did a few edits and fix’s and a full remaster.. please check out my remix of “A ton of bricks_Barrow Rmx” thanks! let me know what ya think

  8. steve03301

    Oh man, am I sorry that I missed out on these contests, having just discovered your music. Not for the prizes, but for the opportunity to remix music I actually like. I’ve been a member of ACIDPlanet for almost 10 years. Haven’t been paying enough attention to the remix contests in the past couple of years as I concentrate on my own band, but I definitely would have made an exception for this!

    Keep up the great music.


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