We have JUST released our new EP, Nostalgic For Now, along with the Star Power video.

Here’s a snippet of the official press release sent to the global media:

“The EP ‘sounds like remembering’, according to Fleenor, who describes it as a more optimistic work than their 2008 full-length debut, Never Trust the Chinese. ‘Our first album is the dark aftermath of a real life catastrophe. NFN comes from a happier place – but don’t expect upbeat. My life is a complicated, intense and beautiful mess – I’m guessing the music reflects that.’

Mr. Meeble’s unwavering DIY philosophy has lead to a substantial fan base on YouTube and around the world. This enabled them to book and organize a tour of 11 European countries last year without the aid of a booking agency.

Mr. Meeble Star Power video

Its live show revolves around captivating visual elements using powerful RGB lasers, videos, and other contraptions like a custom-made infrared-projection bodysuit named the ‘ghost portal’.”

Like always, we could use your help. Know someone who writes for a blog? Send them the press release. If not, please like, share, post, tweet, favorite, +1 and anything else you can imagine doing to our video and songs. More people need to know about Mr. Meeble and you, my friends, are the key.


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