“Never Trust the Chinese” reviews

Most of these link to the original review articles – let us know if you find any others out there. So far, only one has been fairly negative, I highlighted it in red. If any of you happen to be decent writers, we’d love to have you write up a little something about the album. don’t be shy or polite – let us have it.

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Scott Thill at Wired.com
“Coded into the musical matrix somewhere between Depeche Mode and Massive Attack, Mr. Meeble’s sonics are dark, digital carnivals.”

Martin Cizmar at Phoenix New Times
“There’s something to be said for a band that can reimagine the Burt Bacharach classic “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head,” then sound like Halo 14-era Nine inch Nails a few songs later, but Mr. Meeble manages it.”

Chris Merriman at Subba-Cultcha.com
“Mr. Meeble spans the entire gambit of music from balleric chillout to ambient and all points in between with a sense of grandiose that emphasises the epic nature of their sound.”

Scotto at Comfort Music
“All about romance gone horribly wrong, but the record never seems maudlin… moody, sure, but in a lush and textured fashion”

Jason at What to Wear During an Orange Alert
“they swirl a bed of sound, deep and dark, around their lyrics of denial and despair of lost love.”

“It’s poppy enough to catch even the squarest of ears but it contains the right amount of darkness.”

“Never Trust the Chinese has all the trappings of a debut album by a band who has not yet found their sound.”

Nicole Coxe at Evolution of Media
“It weaves in and out of bedroom space electro-pop, glitchy IDM-fuzzed up cuts and darker electronica. A very soulful and sensual dark electronic album, which is sure to find it’s way into onto more than just an astronaut’s iPod.”

Casper Johansson at LostAtEMinor.com
“It will prick your ears, then spin them around and burn the damn things to the ground”

Jason Farrell at Fender Guitar
“Mr. Meeble conjures up the comforting subconscious sounds of ’70s-era pop magic mashed within songs destined for next millennium’s soundtrack for space travel”

Scott Lemerand at dailyvidette.com
“This is music that exists outside the stereo, it manipulates the mind and brings forth images both eerie and enjoyable. This music sticks to things, climbs the walls and stays there. This is sonic science fiction.”

JeanPierre Chigne at JP’s blog
“Slow-paced soulful songs that reflect on a broken relationships and reminisce on past mistakes.”

WeHeart Music.com
“This Phoenix-based band intrigued me because they are a band, but utilize guest vocals, like electronic artists like Tricky and the Chemical Brothers.”

Christy Bharath @ Footprints…
“It’s almost as though they have taken Portishead’s blueprint for trip-hop and given it a soulful and glitchy twist.”

Vish Iyer @ Daily Vault
“The album doesn’t shy away from showing off its pizzazz with its catchy pop items, but at the same time isn’t afraid to challenge the sophistication of listener’s palate and challenge its own eccentricity by conjuring up something indiscernibly wonderful.”

Jeff Perkins @ BlogCritics.org
“It’s atmosphere is both undeniably poppy and yet also darkly intimate. It is this blend that becomes their triumph with the latter sensually soaking into your subconscious and taking root before you realize.”

Marc Dionisio @ My Drift
“Fans of electronica should definitely check out Mr. Meeble which evokes Massive Attack’s ‘Mezzanine,’ Thom Yorke’s ‘Eraser’ and possibly the ire of a billion people”

Amy Lotsberg @ Collected Sounds
“It’s highly electronic but not exactly ambient. It’s rock, certainly, but it’s moody and atmospheric while still having a sort of heavy feel. Its full of interesting melodies in a strange and different package. A really interesting record.”

Justin Shady @ The Blarg Sounds
“NTTC fits nicely between the worlds of souped-up tunes from Air and watered-down instrumentals from Nine Inch Nails”

Tom Semioli @ Amplifier
“A sultry, scintillating, and rather sophisticated electro-pop platter… Mr. Meeble seduces with subtle grooves.”

The Chickenfish Speaks
… coming soon …

7 thoughts on ““Never Trust the Chinese” reviews

  1. synegiig

    I have a way with words, here’s part of how I feel about your album. I’ve been wanting to write a small review for awhile now. Finally got around to it right……. now!

    Mr. Meeble’s Debut album “Never Trust the Chinese” is a truly unique experience. Rooted heavily in the melancholy of twilight reminiscence. Its a tribute to the memory of standing at a bus stop in time square, on a dark rainy day. Reflecting on life’s mistakes. Bright Lights and glitchy screens, the background of your heart’s aching emptiness. A technological folly that you view with the deepest, and most blissful sense of sentimentality. As you are carried along this dark, sorrowful, and sweet data stream of sequential soul you truly learn to appreciate the mistakes you have made. With any luck, they have shaped you into an illustrious piece of artwork, similar to this album. Each track number is its own unique moment, a tantalizing taste of the tapestry of a sad- yet beautiful story. A mesmerizing digital mirror of life in the 21st century. I relate so well to the music in this album, I am this album. ~ Matt Atherton (aka Synegiig)

    So I completely disagree with this statement “Never Trust the Chinese has all the trappings of a debut album by a band who has not yet found their sound.”
    If that is their opinion then they obviously weren’t paying attention. The difference in each track is Mr Meeble’s sound. Not only that, if you really listen you can hear how subtly each track fits together with the others. There is no mistaking Mr Meeble’s exclusively individual sound on this album. DON”T CHANGE A THING MR. MEEBLE!! your sound is perfect as is.

  2. synegiig

    well… compared to itunes it isnt. I dont have to download an obnoxious program to download music. Amazon.com is cheaper as well…. which is good. Itunes angers me with a thing that does something….?


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