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New Mr. Meeble track for free! download Gift here

Ok, we posted a new free Mr. Meeble track for you to download on our Facebook page:


UPDATE: The track can now be downloaded here, see below…

Go over there and grab it. While you are there, please “Like” the page and if you really want to help us out, click on the “Suggest to Friends” link, select all of your friends and hit send. Facebook recently deleted our band page, so we’re doing our best to rebuild it from scratch.

Feel free to post this track anywhere and/or share it with friends. If you have a blog, we’d love for you to post a little blurb about it and give it away to your readers. If you don’t have a blog, you can still post about it on your FB or Twitter account, right?

Lastly, we are still working away on our 2nd album, hopefully I’ll have some news about that release relatively soon.


To download the mp3, right click on the link below and “Download Linked File” or “Save Link As”.

One thought on “New Mr. Meeble track for free! download Gift here

  1. Splitter

    I feel home at the wonderful world of mr. meeble. Sometimes I love my dreamworld more than the real one. Than I sleep long times, scared to wake up. The new track sounds like some sweet melodies from this dreams. Thank you, Devin!


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