New Meeble site design!

We never really liked the old design, it didn’t seem to fit our vibe. So, I finally got around to redesigning it. So, besides the new look, here are a couple of the changes made so far:

1. You can upload your own custom avatar. Just click HERE.

2. We added a Facebook Like button on the right of all post pages, along with some floating buttons to reTweet the post, share on Facebook, or submit to your favorite bookmarking site. HERE’s an example.

As always, there is still a ton yet to do. We plan on adding the following in the next week or two:

1. free download page.

2. band photo gallery.

3. digital press kit.

If you have any questions, comments, feedback or criticisms, please leave them below in a comment!


6 thoughts on “New Meeble site design!

  1. mola55e5

    Love the new design! Far nicer to look at than the old one, and the features are cool. i’m very happy you first reached out and sent me the Phix links on youtube so many months ago! I’ve been a converted Meebler ever since. Love the new track. Sounds like a love song written by someone who’s found a real relationship with a higher power (which i dig). Never been religious per se, but my connection to This unifying force that we’re all part of is very real. This song reminds me to kinda say thanks once in a while, you know?

  2. Queiroga

    It looks great, it feels more serious and unique…Keep up the good work, i’m always around here for anything.

  3. kimby

    Very sweet, D. I love the cover art and “branding” the whole look is good. It’s nice to see when people keep things consistent.

    Also, Gift is crisp, classy and sexy like every thing you’ve done so far. Very glad to hear it.

    – k

    1. devin

      thanks Kim, glad you like ‘gift’. I’m just glad the site doesn’t look like a blog about finding the best tapas restaurants in Spain any more. 😉


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