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Non Assault Message for the new year

As the new year approaches, I found myself sitting inside, looking through old folders and watching the rain drizzle outside my window. I stumbled upon the old Non Assault Message Medium Enjoyment Maxi-Single. This is the first Mr. Meeble release, and many of you, I’m sure, have never heard it. It doesn’t sound much like our newer material, but it seems appropriate for 2011. So appropriate that I decided to make it a free download to all of you. Just make sure you are logged in here and go to our DOWNLOADS page. It is a zip archive of the entire release (9 tracks) including a Soul Whirling Somewhere remix. (my personal favorite of the bunch.)

This is a dark day and a dark week. But I am certain that 2011 will bring with it great light. May the Non Assault Message cheer you up a little bit like it did for me today. 🙂

– Devin

4 thoughts on “Non Assault Message for the new year

  1. Ironlombax1

    I love you guys! Thank you very much for all of this awesome music, and I hope that you all have a wonderful 2011. Thanks!

  2. Alwaysintheroom

    Thank you for posting this! Much appreciated. I really hope to see another live show soon, I really enjoyed the show in downtown Phx not too long ago. I wish I had the opportunity to get some merch, time was short unfortunately. Happy New Year to you all and let’s all work together to make it better than the one before last!

  3. GunnerAcidic

    All of these tracks are awesome.. I’m especially loving the Blood Flows mix. Every time I listen to your music, I get that much more excited about going to college in Phoenix. I’ll go to every show you have once I move over there. Until then, mind stopping by the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas? I’ve already suggested on Eventful. Also, I wouldn’t mind hearing more from any of you guys. Also, I’d love to read more personal, off topic stuff from you guys. Your music has led me to believe you have an interesting mind. I wouldn’t mind getting a few little thoughts here and there. Even though you don’t update much, I check this site weekly.

    P.S. In the process of uploading these tracks to youtube now.


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