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what i learned thanks to Radiohead and Mexico City (part 2)

It's been a few weeks since I last wrote about Mexico City. The memories are fuzzier, but I thought tonight that if I don't write them down now, i may never. Anyway... The next day K and I went to the Chapultepec Castle, which is an atypical museum on the top of a large hill in the center of D.F. (which was the site of Niños Héroes - 6 teen age boys who died defending the city against the American army in 1847.) [...]

what i learned thanks to Radiohead and Mexico City

i thought it was extravagant, the whole idea.  "sure i'd love to see Radiohead, but we just can't afford it right now...  and in Mexico City?"  i tried to explain this to Karina, but she stood firm.  deep inside, the trip appealed to me - the younger, more impetuous part of me.  a month later i found myself on a plane to Mexico City (which is called the big DF by those who live there.  and the people who live there are called chilangos by Mexicans living in the north.) at the DF airport, [...]