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Paul Penzone can defeat Sheriff Arpaio in November

Meeble friends, Some of you may be aware of my active fight against Sheriff Joe Arpaio. You can read more about that HERE and HERE. But being against something isn't as powerful as being FOR something. And it has become more than apparent that the only candidate capable of defeating Arpaio in the November 6th election is Paul Penzone. Watch this video: WHAT'S NEXT? Calling all social media warriors: if you have what it takes, and are willing to contribute your energy to the [...]
meeble monster

Tour wrap up and homecoming show at the Crescent Ballroom

Hi friends, For the past couple weeks, I've been recuperating from being sick, let lag, and mental fatigue from an amazing, gargantuan, and arduous European tour. I plan on sharing with you more about my experiences and lessons learned soon - once I get a bit more grounded and manage some real life situations. Until then, you can read a little about the tour here in this New Times article: Mr. Meeble's European "Vacation" Was Anything But   *** Indiegogo.com donations/merch update [...]
Mr. Meeble @ CityScape - Dec. 3rd, 2010

Dec. 3rd show: HUGE thank you list

Hello friends, A BIG thanks to ALL of you who made it out to our show at CityScape last night.  The reception was great and the feedback has been phenomenal.  I was told that 800 people were there to see the show?  Nice. Those damn street lights really JACKED our visuals, but apparently people were happy to just watch us play our music.  Weird.  I've heard that a lot of the HD footage is nice - so perhaps a live video or two will make it on to the web for those of you who missed [...]

Meeble’s live show drought ends Dec. 3rd!

Well, well. It has been more than a YEAR since we played our last show with Neon Indian. What happened, you ask? I became engaged in the human rights struggle in Arizona for most of 2010, which slowed our music progress substantially. Looking back, would I change anything? Not a chance. The Arpaio facebook page will be hitting 100,000 members next month. Incredible. Life is unpredictable like that. The good news is that we are back to doing music full time again - new songs are in the works [...]
Meeble - May First Friday 2009

Thank you, Phoenix

Well, another live show is now behind us.  We played outside of The Lost Leaf in the middle of the First Friday art walk, which is quite a spectacle these days.  As exhausted (physically and emotionally) as I was, I felt really good about the show (both during and afterward).  I want to send out a big thank you to all of you who came down and played a part - whether in the audience, on the stage, or behind it. I apologize for not being more available to talk to you all after the show. Here's [...]
electronic music = never trust the chinese

Mr. Meeble Biography

Mr. Meeble Never Trust the Chinese Flying in the face of earthly convention, Mr. Meeble issues a warning to everyone who checks out their indie debut album: Never Trust The Chinese. Between its title and content - this Phoenix based trio’s sensual and soulful pop meets dark electronica record is bound to drop jaws, turn heads and offend, oh, maybe about a billion people. But it’s nothing personal… well, except for the one nameless female who inspired this collection of songs that [...]