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New Meeble site design!

We never really liked the old design, it didn't seem to fit our vibe. So, I finally got around to redesigning it. So, besides the new look, here are a couple of the changes made so far: 1. You can upload your own custom avatar. Just click HERE. 2. We added a Facebook Like button on the right of all post pages, along with some floating buttons to reTweet the post, share on Facebook, or submit to your favorite bookmarking site. HERE's an example. As always, there is still a ton yet to [...]

Initial thoughts on Twitter

So, i have spent a few days actively promoting my Twitter page, and I am doing a decent job amassing followers.  Currently at 656.  I am sure that with a little bit of work, I could get 5,000 followers, but WHO CARES? Virtually all of those 5,000 people don't care about me - they care about Tweeting on about their product, their life, and their agenda. Yesterday I stumbled upon an interesting blog about Twitter, deflating some of the hype. And here's another blog about what Twitter is [...]