Meeble - May First Friday 2009

Thank you, Phoenix

Well, another live show is now behind us.  We played outside of The Lost Leaf in the middle of the First Friday art walk, which is quite a spectacle these days.  As exhausted (physically and emotionally) as I was, I felt really good about the show (both during and afterward).  I want to send out a big thank you to all of you who came down and played a part – whether in the audience, on the stage, or behind it. I apologize for not being more available to talk to you all after the show.

Here’s a specific list of people I want to thank:

Karina – for putting up with such an eccentric, focused and stubborn aries. (me)
Blain – for being such a good drummer, but more importantly, for being a great friend.
Mike – for having patience with me and these live shows, and knowing you’re a big part of this project even when you’re not such a big part on stage
Rick – for doing such an amazing job playing the pedal steel with us – it sounded like heaven on stage, seriously.
Dan – for flying all the way from Ohio to work so hard in so many ways, and for almost making me kill myself
James – for being so supportive and loyal and hard-working and generally awesome
Jim – for helping us set up that giant projection screen in the nick of time and for screaming loudly during the set
Kim – for tearing that walrus into pieces like only you could
Jen – for making all of our dreams come true
Dave – for all your help with sound and for that DVI-to-VGA adapter
Bela – for bringing and setting up your amazing subs, you made everything SO much better
Chad – for bringing over and setting up one of your projectors
Mickey – for helping out and keeping things moving
Nelson – for the video accessories
Ryan – for your speakers and for helping us move that bitch ass stage
Tato – for letting us keep our gear in your house (we still have some in there?)

ALSO, I would love for any of you who saw our show to review it here in the form of a comment. Yeah, I know, that means you have to register, but I really would like to hear from you. (and i’m sure those who couldn’t make it will be just as interested) I think you can post pictures in comments? (did any of you get a good picture of Kim tearing apart the walrus??)


*** Please VOTE on your favorite song of our May 1st live set. (the poll is in the sidebar to the left)



10 thoughts on “Thank you, Phoenix

  1. flyawaytigers

    First time mr. meeble show for me. As soon as I walked up, I could tell these guys were serious and had their act together. Crazy effected vocals were the first thing that was out of the ordinary. And what is that in the back – pedal steel? Don’t see that very often! Projections synced up to the music really drew me in.

    The girl singing along in the video to one of the songs was a great concept. My wife said the guy singing backups should have an instrument – I thought that was a bit sexist 😉

    There was one moment in a song where we couldn’t tell if it was feedback or a synth pad playing…I’d nix that if it wasn’t feedback, personally.

    The sound was excellent and at a great overall level. It was a great production!

    1. devin Post author

      thanks! it was probably feedback. with all of the vocoding we do live, it tends to creep in here and there…

  2. moniquepantel

    I voted for my fav from Friday nite’s show. It’s a toss-up between Dragonfly and A Ton of Bricks. The only reason I decided on A Ton of Bricks is cuz I like that video a little more, but both were super-duper! Your backup singer (Mike?) is interesting, I must say. Almost looked like he was making love to the microphone, he was so into it… he’s quite attractive too. Oh, and the girl going crazy with the walrus was a special unexpected treat. Everything is Good didn’t used to be one of my favs but it’s really growing on me. It’s a very emotional song, especially the musical part near the end. You sounded really good live… I don’t know how you manage the playing guitar, singing, projector, and special sound effects and still make it look deceptively easy. Overall a spectacular performance!

  3. Sarahl

    The experience felt very Pynchonesque to me. I love that it both appealed to me and disturbed me, but not in understandable ways. Good show. If, in the middle of the performance, a gorilla came out of nowhere and kidnapped Devin, it would have felt fitting. I don’t need drugs to appreciate such things.

  4. kimby

    As usual and always, fantastic show.

    As always, I was extremely impressed with the videos on the backing screen. Very impressive work, Devin. In my opinion, they really add to the vibe of the show and compliment the performance in a very excellent and sexy way. I do feel like they add a weird emotional component that I can’t totally put my finger on. It is one of slight disturbance but also of amusement (the 8 track thing was great) and of a sort of strange sexiness. I feel like it really draws me into the music and emotion. If a dvd is forth coming, there should certainly be a section devoted to the videos you show. I can’t say enough about how impressed with those I am.

    I don’t totally have my descriptive hat on (though I am wearing a lovely, non-descriptive hat) but I would say that the musical portion of the show was again, fantastic. I am sure there are multiple factors that played into the lineup Friday and the changes in song arrangement since it’s a live show but I would have to say that it was all clicking very nicely. I love Ezrel’s vocals on Dragonfly but what you do with it live is really fabulous in a different way.

    I, of course, loved the acoustic version of Stripped. This could be because I’m obsessed with Depeche Mode but I’ll say it’s because it was well played, well sang and added to that sort of darkly sexy mood the music and video had going. (Long live Martin Gore!!)

    Speaking of the sexy theme, I couldn’t help but be a little amused that it looked like Mike was making out with or attempting to make out with the microphone. I almost felt like I’d walked in on something and felt a little dirty. *heh* His stage presence has really come along from when I first saw him playing live as SWS in 2001. He seemed so shy then but now he seems totally in his skin which is good to see.

    And if I’ve never mentioned it before (probably have not), Devin’s vocals are just … wow. I love how passionately he gets into what he’s singing which I think engages the audience in the emotions and makes the song something organic, living … brings blood to the performance which is always great to see and hear.

    All in all, I’m always glad I left the Cat-Cave to see Mr. Meeble perform. The video is just excellent and the music is really worth experiencing live. An already fantastic, beautiful album becomes something flesh when you come to the show. It’s well worth it no matter where you’re coming from. If you had other plans Friday, you missed out. And it sucks to be you … 😛

    Blah blah blah, I’m done babbling now. I should probably go back to work. 😉

    – k

  5. Dan

    Attn. Phoenix: If you weren’t at this Meeble show, you definitely missed out. They’re some of the most talented and innovative musicians around, and every show is a unique experience. You never know what to expect, as this time there was a crazed Susan Boyle video intro, a stuffed walrus torn to shreds, a guest pedal steel guitarist, and an awesome Depeche Mode cover. Who knows what’s next. Why these guys aren’t filthy rich and famous, I don’t know.

  6. EsotericKB

    Well well well… I MUST SAY THIS SHOW WAS SUPERLATIVE! I have never been to a Mr. Meeble show and I am quite sad this was the last show in Phoenix of this year! 🙁 I will most definitely go again and I suggest everyone reading does the same, as you will not be disappointed.

    I am not from Phoenix and therefore have heard the phrase, “I’m a musician” at least 100 times every year I’ve lived here: making it some 700 times I have heard this phrase… So one can only imagine by the time I met Devin and he told me he was a musician I only half-assed believed him. I tell this brief story, not to be rude, but to credit MR. MEEBLE as one of the FIRST groups I have actually heard that are indeed MUSICIANS! It should be noted I do not use the word, “musician” lightly as I have been classically trained on many instruments and theory…

    Let’s skip ahead to the show! I absolutely loved the energy, loved the sound, loved the lyrics and DAMN- the videos! The videos were very much a surprise to me as I had no idea what I was in for. In all honesty, I have not heard of Mr. Meeble, being I am more a House/Hip Hop Head… However, once I checked out the sublime myspace page I knew it was something I would be into right away! I listened to all of the songs and loved the ambient sound and somewhat dark undertones to everything.

    My favorite song? Hmmmm, I would have to say i love the music to A TON OF BRICKS.. but FINE- OH man this song touched me the way only really great music can… Big Ups for this one! The energy was fantastic and I know that two little girls each left with a little baby walrus and then shared a HUGE walrus… One that Kim did NOT rip to shreds, but had saved for children just like mentioned above… I LOVED IT- the whole show, the raw energy, and the groovy beats and electrical currents that were sent through my body…

    I also must say before I go that the stances of Devin were by far the best of any band musician I have seen in a long time… Very Radiohead-esque, if you will… I saw, on your last night in Phoenix, not only a musician, but true Bohemian Artists- and I loved every minute!

    MR. MEEBLE is like the child prodigy of Thom Yorke and Bjork who may or may have not taken hallucinogens while listening and dancing in the rain to some ambient soul. A MUST SEE, MUST LISTEN TO, MUST BUY GROUP!

  7. EsotericKB

    Oh and I do have pictures SOMEWHERE from that night! I am not sure if I got any stills of Kim and the walrus, but I may have a video?!?!?!? Things that night got crazy and then school- bleah, but later this week I will get them uploaded and send them on over! 🙂

    1. devin Post author


      thank you for your amazing review above. =)

      when you do get those pics, and any of them turned out, please post a couple up here!

      also, did you get an email notification stating that I responded to your comment?

  8. MGeer

    It was a great show. The walruses were a hit. I loved the graphics in the background and that you and Mike rock out! I love that you love what you’re doing and that you’ve continued to pursue it. I think the whole crowd was enjoying it!


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