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So, i have spent a few days actively promoting my Twitter page, and I am doing a decent job amassing followers.  Currently at 656.  I am sure that with a little bit of work, I could get 5,000 followers, but WHO CARES?

Virtually all of those 5,000 people don’t care about me – they care about Tweeting on about their product, their life, and their agenda.

Yesterday I stumbled upon an interesting blog about Twitter, deflating some of the hype.

And here’s another blog about what Twitter is and isn’t.  And another.

If you are a real Twitter player following thousands of people and with thousands of followers, you MUST send out a TON of tweets to be heard through all that noise.  But for your followers that only follow a handful of people, you end up flooding their page.  You ruin their Twitter experience, and as a result, most of them unfollow you.  What are we to do?

As a possible solution, I have created a LV (low volume) twitter account for the 47 people that actually just want to be notified about important meeble news, and not the noise.


7 thoughts on “Initial thoughts on Twitter


    Twitter is not a broadcast / mass medium. It’s retarded to just follow as many people as you can, hoping they follow you back. I get a lot of random people following me, and most I don’t follow back unless they are my friends or I’m interested in hearing what they are saying. It’s really not going to work as a means to promote yourself to people who don’t already know who you are – unless you get fans/friends to retweet your news in an innocuous way that will get others to take a look. (as I’ve tried to do)
    The key is keeping the signal to noise ratio down enough that I can spare the time to pay attention to what people are saying, and keep a connection with people I know. It’s counterproductive to try to drink from a firehose going full blast.
    I think of twitter as a sort of broadcast IM – I started using it with only a dozen or two dozen people I know in real life for quite some time, and it was a nice way to share the latest meme or article that I wanted others to read and comment on, in near-real-time. You are getting the point when you say “low volume” – it may only be 47 people now, but they are the ones actually interested in you. In the future, that may grow to 47,000 as your OTHER promotion methods succeed. Twitter should just be a way for your fans to feel closer to you, IMO.

    1. devin Post author

      thanks for RTing, ben. have you heard of Gravitars? they work nicely with email addresses, I wonder if they work for openID? hmmm…

      I think you are right about the nature of Twitter – but, we starving artists have to concoct ways to exploit systems in order to reach people. I have to approach people about my music – waiting for them to come to me doesn’t work. i wish i didn’t have to do it, but I do.

    2. KeithinSpace

      I think you are spot on. I’m totally new to twitter but already I see the noise and the fact that it is not so easy to keep up with this and also the problem of flooding those of your followers who may only follow a few people themselves. But also as said above it may change, we’ll see. Anyway I immediately starting wondering about the Direct Messages dimension, in a recent blog post (new to blogging too) and in it mentioned the Meeble account and how I reckon there is a chance that the Direct Message I received from you was not an auto-response :>) and anyway even if it was its enough for Mr. Meeble as artist and not (not really) trying to sell me something. In case you wanna read it:

      And by the way, it was through twitter that I discovered Mr. Meeble which is interesting and your music which is really good and a bit along the lines of what I write. I live in Hanoi, so I don’t imagine you will get to these parts to play, but loved the YouTube videos and this site and ramblings. Good luck!

  2. devin Post author

    Ok, so I am getting a lot of followers. But are they my target demographic? NO. The people who are most likely to follow me are the hyperactive Twitter users, the ones that aggressively follow, the ones that are following thousands of people, THE ONES THAT ARE ONLY TRYING TO SELL ME SOMETHING. How many of them are even paying attention to my music Tweets?

    Again, it may be time to rethink my strategy. I should do some reading up on other’s thoughts about promoting music with Twitter. I found some good stuff regarding that over here:

    1. davidleebooth

      ugh I know what you mean about those marketers, If only they would all listen to what bill hicks told them to go do twitter would be amazing. I’m glad you popped up on the twitter or I would’ve never heard your stuff. another thing are those bloody pornbots, when i get new followers every so often I put out a hello tweet with the question human robot or marketer before I follow back.

      1. devin Post author

        yeah, i think Twitter will change a lot in the next year. They will probably add groups to make it easier to organize your people. I’m glad we connected on Twitter. I actually like Twitter a lot more now than I did when I wrote this blog post. When we hit 10,000 followers, I’ll post a fresh perspective…


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