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Tour wrap up and homecoming show at the Crescent Ballroom

Hi friends,

For the past couple weeks, I’ve been recuperating from being sick, let lag, and mental fatigue from an amazing, gargantuan, and arduous European tour. I plan on sharing with you more about my experiences and lessons learned soon – once I get a bit more grounded and manage some real life situations. Until then, you can read a little about the tour here in this New Times article:

Mr. Meeble’s European “Vacation” Was Anything But


*** donations/merch update ***

For all of you who have donated to our tour campaign and are wondering about getting your merch – please be patient. Starting next week, I will be contacting all of you to arrange for shipment, etc. If you live in the Phoenix area, the easiest way to collect your merch would be to come to the Crescent Ballroom show on Friday, November 18th.

Here’s the event page on Facebook:

Much love,

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