6 Reasons Why Facebook Sucks

I ran across this blog post and it made me laugh.  (not out loud)

LINK: 6 Reasons Why I don’t like Facebook

I’ll add my own reasons for not liking Facebook below:

1.  It sucks as a platform to promote music.  When I send 20 or so friend requests, Facebook warns me that my behavior is suspicious and that my account could be blocked or deleted.  Talk about WAY too sensitive.  Do a search about this on Google, I’m not alone.

2.  What has been touted as a “clean” interface is boring to us artist types.  No background images, no color changes, no CSS, no customization whatsoever.  Sure, I can add all kinds of dumb apps to my page, but my page still looks like everybody else’s page.  BORING.

What I LOVE about facebook:

1.  Their video quality is OUTSTANDING.  I have uploaded several 720×480 vids recently and they all play back at full size and look almost as good as the originals.  Even vimeo.com, which has great quality doesn’t play videos back at full size.  YouTube has something to learn here from Facebook.

UPDATE:  Facebook blocked my account for adding friends.  How useless.  I had to wait a week or so before I was able to add a friend again.  Now, Facebook is warning me for sending too many messages – and all I was doing was responding to messages people had sent me!

6 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why Facebook Sucks

  1. texasheartland

    I don’t use Facebook because they pretty much have NOTHING original and are suspicious of anything that may seem like spam- ugh.

  2. EsotericKB

    LOL- I have a facebook, but rarely use it… Heck, I rarely use Myspace! I do agree that myspace has a better artistic appeal and I find it funny Facebook is so worried about spamming, when all it seems like to me is a bunch of Spamming, but just “Promoted Spamming,” where your friends send it to you. Can anyone say, “The new E-mail Chain Letter of the Year 2009?”

  3. fatalyti

    Wow, I didn’t know facebook was so fussy about adding friends or sending messages.
    I never really liked facebook anyway.

  4. AustinHaley

    Sorry guys I have to disagree. While Facebook may be fussy it is still a viable social networks that has tons of users that might not be on other social networks. Think of it’s fussiness as a filter; because it’s so difficult to send messages and friend lots of people on Facebook other bands are less likely to deal with it. That means if Mr. Meeble spends a little extra time to get through to people on Facebook, they will be more likely to listen because they aren’t being constantly bombarded by other bands…. 🙂

    1. devin Post author

      you make good points, Haley. We DO promote ourselves on Facebook because of the reasons you listed. That being said, FB is still rather annoying.

  5. oramd

    You pointed out good points .. but i would say i love facebook i use it alot LOlz.. and facebook nows days very in for marketing purpose 🙂


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